Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Auditions on Saturday for Epic Proportions

Mounting a show is hard.

Most audience members generally see the final product, which is how it should be. Most actors vie for an audition slot, sweat over condensing all they have to offer into 2 minute monologue form and then (hopefully) get to show more at callbacks. They are then (if cast) with the show from the first rehearsal till closing night.

Producers, directors and designers live a show longer than most people realize.

For example, Project 891 Theatre Company has auditions for our upcoming show Epic Proportions this Saturday with Callbacks on Monday the 14th. Our slots have been filled for a month now and we are still getting submissions. If all goes well we will have a cast within a week.

However, the producers and company members have been hard at work on this show for a year now. First, there was the search for a script that everyone enjoyed. Then we had to find a director, design team, fight choreographer, performance space, obtain the rights, book rehearsal space, book audition space, raise money...the list goes on and on.

Luckily we have a brilliant design team, rights, space....all of that has fallen into place.

I'm just very excited to add the next piece of the puzzle. A great cast.

Ron Popp

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