Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year is Upon Us!!!!!!!

In the middle of what I affectionately refer to as Holiday Chaos, I also had the task of casting a show, devising a schedule, planning production meetings and numerous other duties…needless to say it has been a very hectic month.
On the plus side, I have a great cast and crew and have a rehearsal schedule (almost) nailed down. Continue to check out The Living Newspaper for more information, but for now, here we go:

Benny Bennet ---Matt Lozano
Phil Bennet ---Cole Simon
Louise Goldman--- Anna Schutz
D.W. Dewitt ---Robert Kaercher
Narrator ---Gary Murphy
Extra 1---Matt Allis
Extra 2 ---Bryan Breau
Extra 3---Liz Hoffman
Extra 4 ---Tommy Culhane

Director-Ron Popp
Stage Manager -Anna McKiee
Fight Choreographer - Beau Forbes
Lighting Designer - Lauren Masi
Sound Designer- Zena Yeatman
Props Designer- .Sarah Franke
Costume Designer- Liz Hoffman
Video Supervisor- Michael Rashid

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